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Globees, the innovative platform dedicated to eco-responsibility in the crypto universe, is partnering with Tremplin.io for the Read to Earn program starting this Saturday! This revolutionary program rewards readers for their commitment and thirst for knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Globees joins the Read To Earn community!

Tremplin.io’s Read to Earn program is an initiative that perfectly embodies the spirit of the times: getting tangible rewards simply by educating yourself on the topics that interest you. Readers accumulate points for each article read, shared or commented on. Points that they can then exchange for a variety of exclusive goodies and crypto assets.

The partnership between Globees and Tremplin.io is a natural step for two entities that share a common vision for the future of cryptocurrencies. Tremplin.io, as a leading media outlet in the blockchain and crypto space, provides an ideal platform for Globees to raise awareness and educate on the importance of sustainability in this rapidly evolving sector.

Crypto rewards to be won!

Globees, known for its commitment to a sustainable and eco-responsible future in the crypto sector, offers a range of tempting products for Tremplin.io readers. A wide selection of goodies will be available! Among others, T-shirts for men and women, sweatshirts, mugs and caps. Not to mention, tokens and NFTs!

These rewards are not only collectibles, but they also represent Globees’ commitment to the crypto community and the environment. This Saturday, Tremplin.io readers will have the opportunity to be part of this exciting movement. By joining the Read to Earn program, they will not only be able to enrich their knowledge, but also receive rewards that reflect their commitment to a greener and more responsible crypto future.

Get ready to dive into the world of crypto with Globees and Tremplin.io. Get rewarded for every moment you spend learning and exploring eco-responsibility. It’s a new era for crypto enthusiasts, and it starts with the Read to Earn program.

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