Early legislative elections: A pro-crypto candidate in the running!

The entry of Bitcoin into the heart of French politics marks a historic turning point. Cryptocurrency, once confined to insider circles, is becoming a central topic in political debates, influencing decisions at all levels of governance. The arrival of young people, open-minded and bold like Aurore Galves-Orjol, changes the situation.

France and Europe: Pro-bitcoin deputies soon in action?

The European political scene sees theirruption of pro-crypto deputiesa veritable digital tidal wave that promises to transform the regulation of blockchain technologies. These new elected officials, convinced of virtues of cryptocurrenciespush for policies favorable to innovation.

In France, this movement finds a particular echo with Aurore Galves-Orjol. After the dissolution of the National Assembly by Emmanuel Macron, Aurore, co-founder of Bitcoin-Lyon, launches into the legislative battle in the 8th constituency of Isère.

Without label or political party, she hears restore monetary sovereignty to citizens.

Bitcoin is a powerful tool of individual sovereignty and yet ignored by different political movements », she affirms in the columns of The Dauphine.

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Aurore Galves-Orjol: a journey dedicated to cryptocurrency

Aurore Galves-Orjol is not a novice in the world of cryptocurrencies. Professor in business schools in Lyon and entrepreneur, she co-founded Bitcoin-Lyon to promote and educate about virtual currencies.

Its commitment is manifested by numerous conferences and interventions, notably with LDigital and MBway. For Aurora, Bitcoin represents much more than an economic revolution : it is a vector of societal innovation and ecological transition.

His campaign, marked by the absence of printed ballots and assumed discretion, has a clear objective: to get people talking about cryptocurrencies and their transformative potential.

She positions herself as the only candidate in France to carry a project entirely focused on cryptocurrencyemphasizing the importance of monetary decentralization in the face of traditional state and banking structures.

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With the emergence of political figures like Aurore Galves-Orjol, France and Europe could see a proliferation of Bitcoin advocates within political spheres. This trend promises to redefine the contours of monetary sovereignty and technological innovation across the continent.

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