Despite the controversy, Binance stands as a bulwark against cybercrime

The crypto company Binance is going through a difficult time, full of controversy and various controversies. This does not prevent him from contributing to the sanitation of the crypto industry, polluted with illicit acts.

Binance participates in the freezing of $4.4 million in fraudulent assets

Although Binance’s reputation is splashed with controversy, its impact on the crypto market is still as important as ever. The recent news confirm it. They reveal the decisive role of the firm in the freezing of $4.4 million in crypto assets. Funds stolen by cybercriminal organizations linked to North Korea.

In a Twitter thread posted this Thursday, May 25, the company provided the details of this operation. This would be the result of “legal mandates” US security forces. An approach that requires Binance to provide its expertise to stop “illegal income-generating activities”.

The collaboration with the police thus made it possible to annihilate four dubious entities linked to North Korea. These include Pyongyang Automation University, Pyongyang Automation University, Technical Recognition Bureau.

To these three is added the Chinyong Information Technology Cooperation Company. With regard to the latter in particular, it has been demonstrated that it employs a workforce “highly qualified in the field of information technology throughout the world”.

These staff, often clandestine, would be responsible for generating funds to finance “illegal weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs”. In fact, according to Binance, these pinned organizations had been in the crosshairs of its leaders for a while now.

“We took proactive action against accounts linked to these individuals over a year ago, in compliance with legal warrants and in cooperation with law enforcement.”the company said in particular.

According to a Binance representative, the company intends to continue working to strengthen the security features of its platform. A monitoring policy that makes it possible to “detecting nefarious actors in the nation-state”without neglecting the collaboration with law enforcement.

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