Crypto: CZ laments sales at rock bottom

During Binance Blockchain Week, the founder and CEO of Binance, the famous CZ, spoke on numerous occasions during the three days to share his vision on the future of the ecosystem and Binance’s place in Web3. Finally, it was during a giant AMA that we were able to learn more about many subjects.

First questions to better understand CZ

First, CZ answered a question about insuring funds on Binance, a very important topic for many investors. CZ told us that there is a fund specially created for this, it is accessible on the blockchain and is separate from the activities of Binance, it would contain more than a billion dollars in order to prevent any problem.

Then he was asked a question about the metaverse. For CZ, it is still far too early to know how the metaverse of tomorrow will be. CZ notably underlined very important points for the future of the metaverse such as in the medical sector, for artists and in order to create new experiences.

CZ was able to answer a particularly important point during another question: he claimed that he was not the right person to contact for a project or a company. Indeed, CZ considers himself an engineer and does not work on finding new Web3 nuggets. For this, CZ advises start-ups to turn to Binance Labs, via the Binance site.

Probing questions to identify key issues

CZ detailed his vision on the main axes in order to change the skeptics at the heart of governments, regulators and the general public.

It all starts with education according to CZ, Binance has launched free master classeseasily accessible on their site, and offers more and more free content in different forms, videos, texts, live…

In order to reach politicians, Binance, and especially CZ, travels a lot in order to discuss and educate the different political classes of many countries.

In addition, CZ advocates an easier use of cryptocurrencies, in order to reach the general public, and believes that the best argument for buying cryptocurrencies remains its use and its impact in itself.

The objective is to make the general public understand that not learning about cryptocurrencies will make them lose money in the long term.

We’re already at 1-5% global adoption, and the adoption curve is still exponential, according to CZ.

One of the important points of his speech concerns the responsibility of Web3 companies, which must also work and educate regulators. Indeed, regulators are often not aware of all the issues and difficulties that Web3 companies may encounter.

Last questions are about working at Binance

For CZ, working from home is a blessing, especially for employees who live far from their offices and who have to work long hours on public transport or in their vehicle. The work culture at Binance is very flexible, it is always possible to take a moment for yourself, it also encourages employees to accept late calls in their time zone in order to communicate with other employees in a different time zone.

Lately, CZ has been emphasizing a key ability to succeed in Web3 and probably in life: being flexible. Binance has always been able to adapt, change plans and understand how to react to new web3 trends, whether it’s DeFi, NFTs or other revolutions.

Binance is advancing on all fronts, be it in regulation, crypto adoption or its corporate policy. Such events show the growing ambitions of the company founded by CZ.

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