Cryptocurrencies to watch for the next bull run

The next bull run is approaching, so it’s time to make a choice. While the major cryptocurrencies have already started to follow an upward trend, it is important to look at other horizons.

Bitcoin (BTC) – The Queen of Cryptos

Obviously, who says bull run says bitcoin. The flagship crypto has been showing strong year-to-date performance, BTC is currently trading at around $30,000 according to data from CoinMarketCap.

Bitcoin is up +9.53% over the last 30 days. It has seen its progress accelerate since the end of the first week of March. More recently, BTC passed the $30,000 mark.

On a slightly less technical level, it is important to remember that bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with largest market capitalization. Each bull run thus passes through the BTC. It is therefore important to consider the queen of cryptos before looking at the next bull run.

Since 1er January of this year, BTC experienced an increase of +89.11%. This is therefore positioned as the crypto on which to look for the next bull run. As a reminder, the previous year had been marked by low thresholds for bitcoin, but also for the cryptocurrency market in general.

The correction will therefore not be long in coming. with a bull run fast approaching. At the beginning of the year, a foretaste of the first increases had already been felt.

Ethereum (ETH) – Crypto for the Next Bull Run?

Just behind BTC is Ethereum (ETH), the second cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization. Loud of sound network of altcoins and other tokensEthereum holds an interesting amount of possibilities.

Most of the time, when a project sees the light of day, it is through the Ethereum network. As a result, once the bull run begins, crypto projects born on Ethereum will drag ETH down with them. According to CMC, ETH is currently trading at a price of $2,090, or an increase of +15.69% over the last month.

Since the beginning of the year, ETH will have seen a positive evolution. The token was trading at a price of $1,199 on the 1er January. The price increase since that date therefore represents +74.11% approximately.

Since ETH is the second cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization, it is important to note that this one is directly impacted by the bull run. In the same way as with bitcoin, ETH is therefore one of the cryptocurrencies to possibly take into account to take advantage of the next bull run.

Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) – The R2R token of the next bull run?

Outside of major cryptocurrencies, some fledgling projects have a potential which is worth mentioning. Ecoterra is one of those projects which, still in presale, claims to have the qualities to position itself for the next bull run.

The Ecoterra project is a Recycle-to-Earn project. In practice, users using Ecoterra who want to do something for the planet will be able to win cryptocurrencies. The project is built in the same way as a supply chain with the possibility of recycling and buying raw materials thanks to the blockchain.

The project is currently following its pre-sale phases and offering its $ECOTERRA token to investors. The price of crypto listing has already been announced, and this one will be $0.01. In addition, the platform has also opted for a sponsorship system allowing you to win up to 5% in crypto.

During the next bull run, the project will have already finished its presales, and its token will be listed recently. It will therefore be interesting to observe the future of this crypto who, living with the times, offers a green solution to contemporary issues. For the time being, however, it will be a question of discovering the project in more detail.

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