Crypto: Who is 0xMaki?

Like some personalities who have made contributions to the crypto industry, the exact identity of 0xMaki is not known. However, this is not really a problem because this individual has a good reputation within the community and his work is highly appreciated. In this article, we will try to find out more about 0xMaki, the person who founded the famous AMM (Automated Market Makers) decentralized exchange SushiSwap. As we will see, it will only be possible to know certain elements about the life of this individual.

Assumption about his identity and professional career

Very little is known about the identity of 0xMaki. Even the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is less mysterious than this character. However, this does not mean that it is impossible for us to obtain some information about our individual’s past.

First of all, we know that 0xMaki worked in the past for a centralized crypto exchange (CEX – Centralized Exchange). As a result, he discovered the limits inherent to this type of platform which allows you to buy cryptocurrencies and was able to gain experience on the subject. Unfortunately, we don’t know which exchange site he worked for.

We can also see that his nickname was chosen in connection with his future crypto project, SushiSwap. Indeed, the maki being a particular type of sushi and the 0x referring to the start of an address on the Ethereum blockchain or on the Binance Smart Chain. It is therefore not excluded that he is also part of the geek universe and frequents trolling platforms like 4chan for example.

The co-founder of the crypto project SushiSwap

0xMaki is considered to be the co-founder of the crypto project SushiSwap, because of his nickname and because he was among the first to join the discord channel dedicated to the project. Additionally, when the person who was considered the project manager decided to stop his contributions, the crypto community of SushiSwap decided to make him the new manager.

However, 0xMaki is rather the modest type and does not want to be considered the CEO. He defines himself as someone who doesn’t want any titles. He considers himself to be a person who simply wants us to achieve in the future a completely decentralized and bankless crypto universe for everyone.

The SushiSwap crypto became known to the general public during the year 2020. To grow and become one of the most popular AMM DEXs, the company does not even hide the fact of having “vampirized” Uniswap, the The best known DEX at the time. Thanks to this “vampirization”, many funds that were previously on Uniswap were transferred to PancakeSwap, thus increasing trading volumes on the platform.

The rise of crypto DEXs (Decentralized EXchange)

The SushiSwap crypto project could have remained something completely unknown to the blockchain community if there had not been a huge craze for DEXs during the year 2020. Moreover, with such a name, the project could have seemed like a joke that had no future, but history decided otherwise.

Having ridden the wave of popularity of decentralized exchange sites, SushiSwap very quickly made a name for itself within the community. In a few months, it has become one of the most popular DEXs among the community and this is no stranger to 0xMaki who has managed to communicate well on social networks.

With a large, close-knit community and an attentive CEO, the crypto project SushiSwap has become a must-have for crypto-investors these days. However, there is still a long way to go for DEXs to eventually supplant CEXs, even if we see that the share of decentralized exchanges increases year after year and their popularity becomes very great among fans of complete decentralization.

Conclusion on 0xMaki

As we have just seen, the fact that we do not know the exact identity of 0xMaki does not seem to be a problem for the crypto community. It is actually the opposite because the communicative talents of this individual seem to appeal to crypto-investors, which helps to unite even more the community that revolves around SushiSwap.

Like other emblematic characters whose identity we do not know, 0xMaki has made his contribution to the building of cryptocurrencies. Its field of predilection is that of decentralized exchanges of the automated market maker type, a very fashionable trend at the moment.

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