Crypto: Bitcoin (BTC) mass adoption in progress!

While experts and regulators urge caution, some investors are loudly claiming their blockchain-friendly status. Among the world’s most listed companies, there are those who are convinced by the potential of the blockchain. These do not hesitate to invest in crypto companies.

Top 5 blockchain-friendly investors.

Google, the number one blockchain-friendly investor

Who are the most blockchain-friendly companies? Blockdata, a Dutch business intelligence and blockchain market analysis platform, conducted a study on the issue. Findings from research published last August reveal that Google tops the list of companies investing the most in the sector.

Between September 2021 and June 2022, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, invested $1.506 billion in blockchain companies. This tech giant has injected this capital into Fireblocks (digital asset custody platform), Dapper Labs (Web3 gaming company), Voltage (industry leader of the Bitcoin Lightning Network infrastructure) and Digital Currency Group (a venture capital firm focused on the digital currency market).

BlackRock is also betting on the blockchain

In its ranking, Blockdata places BlackRock in second place. The figures indicate that the company has invested $1.17 billion in blockchain ventures over the same period. BlackRock is a New York-based asset management and private equity firm.

The investment giant has notably partnered with Coinbase to offer institutional investors access to bitcoin. This collaboration evokes the optimism of the world’s largest asset manager on digital assets. More recently, BlackRock rolled out a blockchain ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) for European clients.

Morgan Stanley, another blockchain-friendly investor

Among blockchain-friendly investors, there are also banks, including Morgan Stanley. This American bank is the world leader in mergers and acquisitions and stock market subscription. It is also a size in terms of investment and wealth management.

In its report, Blockdata indicates a $1.1 billion investment in blockchain for Morgan Stanley. Thanks to which, its customers (only the richest) can now buy, store and even generate interest or invest in cryptocurrency funds. The adventure began in 2021 with, among other things, a partnership with Galaxy Digital.

Samsung, very active in the ecosystem

In fourth place in the ranking is Samsung, with a $979 million investment in blockchain ventures. Last year, Samsung Next, the group’s venture capital fund, was particularly ambitious. He notably invested in Sky Mavis, the game developer based on the Axie Infinity blockchain.

Samsung Next has also focused its investments in NFTs, notably by injecting funds into Nifty’s. It is an NFT-focused social media platform based in Miami. Most recently, last August, Samsung hinted that it plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange in 2023.

Goldman Sachs, very focused on the Web3

Investment banking and financial services giant Goldman Sachs is also bullish on crypto and NFTs. The American bank is said to have invested $698 million in blockchain companies. This places it in fifth position among the 40 large companies analyzed by Blockdata. Earlier this year (in April), Goldman Sachs offered its first Bitcoin-backed loan.

The group, which weighs 100 billion dollars, has partnered with Coinbase for this service. At the same time, the bank also started trading over-the-counter bitcoin options. She has also created a team specializing in digital assets to take advantage of all the advantages of the ecosystem. This, in order to develop in the Web3.

Crypto-skeptics wonder how far these blockchain-friendly investors will go after these initial forays into the ecosystem. This situation also gives regulators a hard time as they face the complexity of this new financial system requiring a new frame regulatory. These are only the beginnings of the story.

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