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In the United States, the lawsuit between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple is causing a lot of ink to flow. Members of the XRP community find this lawsuit unfair and believe that the SEC should instead look to the founders of Ethereum, whom they accuse of corruption.

Shameful accusations

Last week, XRP proponents escalated over the lawsuit pitting Ripple against the SEC. Some have said that former SEC Director William Hinman has a conflict of interest with Ethereum authorities. This, while he was in office. According to them, Hinman held more meetings with Ethereum officials than with representatives of other crypto companies. They thus implicated Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and former member of the management team of Ethereum.

Guest Friday on the podcast Thinking Crypto, Charles Hoskinson, refuted these accusations. He stated that the words of the members of the XRP community are wrong. The boss of Cardano did not hesitate to speak of a conspiracy to qualify the criticisms leveled at him. Additionally, he criticized those who go after former and current government employees and accuse the SEC of corruption without any evidence.

“The XRP community tried to initiate this grand conspiracy that there was blatant corruption between SEC officials and Ethereum. I honestly don’t think that’s the issue here.”did he declare.

Comments that the XRP community has very badly received. On Twitter, the post of a member of the crypto community was widely commented on. Speaking to Hoskinson, he said: “Thank you for the knife stuck in the back. We expect them to come after you”. Another said: “I thought Hoskinson was a good guy”. Some recalled a statement by Hoskinson in 2021 where he praised President Gary Gensler, whom he considers a “very intelligent man”. Others added that they are committed to “rummaging through cupboards” of Hoskinson, in order to “discovering his corpses”.

Hoskinson will distance itself from the XRP community

Overall, many crypto enthusiasts have taken aim at Cardano and its founder on social media. On October 8, he published a thread in which he expressed his frustration with the community.

“These attacks are sad and shameful (…) outrage solves nothing, cynicism and intimidation solve nothing either. This matter left a sour taste in my mouth (…) I will just distance myself from members of the XRP community”he wrote.

Charles Hoskinson has always opposed the lawsuit against Ripple. He believes that the SEC should only sanction the executives of Ripple, for sales of tokens not registered. For him to sue a wallet provider, on the pretext that it operates in the securities is ” foolish “.

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