Crypto: The blockchain never ceases to seduce

More and more financial institutions are aware that blockchain is revolutionizing the way assets are managed. Indeed, assets are better transferred, stored and accounted for thanks to this technology. Ripple was able to demonstrate this through a study carried out to assess the adoption of digital assets around the world. The study enabled him, among other things, to calculate the percentage of financial institutions wishing to use the blockchain for payments.

Adopting cryptocurrencies for payments

According a tweet from Watcher.Guru on August 11, a recent report by Ripple revealed that “70% of financial institutions are interested in using blockchain technology for payments“. Indeed, Ripple has questioned several companies according to which blockchain technology is a guarantee of data security and quality. They believe that these two main advantages make cryptocurrencies suitable for payments.

In recent years, many companies and countries have developed public and private blockchain-based currencies. Individuals have also entered the field, understanding the entrepreneurial opportunities it offers. Around the world, these players are realizing that cryptocurrencies are a whole new financial industry which is full of future.

Thus, we find ourselves in a context where more and more individuals and entities are investing in the crypto market. Traditional financial institutions understand that they must also enter this sector to remain competitive. In addition, they think of bringing more security in the field in order to reassure investors who are skeptical.

Despite the controversies around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, many individuals and entities recognize their usefulness. As proof, 70% of financial institutions would like to use blockchain technology for payments. This percentage demonstrates that cryptocurrencies are increasingly being adopted around the world.

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