Crypto: Telegram frees itself from the euro for TON

Telegram is taking a giant step into the crypto space with the adoption of TON payments for its advertising. This decision undeniably marks a significant development in the blockchain landscape.

Crypto blockchain Toncoin boosts its collaboration with Telegram

Crypto TON: Telegram’s new advertising engine

Telegram integrated the “TON Space” crypto wallet on its platform in September 2023. In the same vein, it has just announced the adoption TON payments for advertising. A decision that certainly marks a major turning point in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Moreover, the impacts of this decision were not long in coming. According to the data, over 156,000 TON wallets were activated in a single day.

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The transition to TON paves the way for a circular economy for crypto

As'explain Alex Cassasovici, CEO of crypto-streaming project Azarus:

“Telegram building its advertising platform natively on TON, powered by Toncoins, will drive adoption and add significant utility to the ecosystem. »

Telegram's decision to abandon the euro in favor of the TON crypto indeed creates a unique dynamic in the blockchain ecosystem. Advertisers are now encouraged to use cryptocurrency for their advertising campaigns. Enough to stimulate demand for TON crypto. The value of this digital asset has already climbed 150% in one month.

But it is not only the TON course that benefits from this transition. Content creators on Telegram can also take advantage of this new business model. According to Pavel Durov, administrators will be able to collect 50% of the revenue generated by the advertisements broadcast on their channels.

This transition to TON even offers lucrative opportunities for Telegram. While the messaging app has never been profitable before, it could now generate revenue through hosting personalized ads.

Previously, advertisers needed at least 2 million euros to launch an official campaign via Telegram. Now they only need 20 crypto TON. Which makes advertising on the platform much more accessible.

With the adoption of TON payments, Telegram is redefining the standards of online advertising. Above all, it propels cryptocurrency towards new horizons.

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