Crypto: Stablecoins on the verge of conquering 10% of the money market

Mass adoption of stablecoins could redefine global payments and the economy in the years to come, according to Circle CEO. This transition would disrupt traditional financial systems by promoting inclusion and efficiency.

Stablecoins, engines of the future monetary revolution?

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire makes a bold prediction: by 2034, stablecoins could represent up to 10% of the global money supply. An ambitious projection, but achievable given the catalysts that are already propelling the meteoric adoption of this crypto asset class.

The unstoppable rise of digital payments is one of these key drivers. According to Allaire, the main payment companies are studying actively integrating stablecoins, attracted by the advantages of blockchain technology.

Most of the world's largest payment companies are actively using this technology and are exploring how to expand their use as the benefits of public chains and stablecoins become clear to everyone »

Their practicality for cross-border payments and the financial inclusion of unbanked populations constitute major catalysts. The addressable market is in the billions of dollars.

With a current capitalization of 162 billion dollars, stablecoins certainly represent only 0.2% of the global money market of 80,000 billion. But according to Allaire's projections, their share is expected to increase considerably by the end of 2025, as they establish themselves as an essential form of crypto.

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A promising future for Stablecoins and the entire crypto market

To realize the forecast of 10% by 2034, the stablecoin market will need to post a stratospheric compound annual growth rate of at least 47.7%. A daunting challenge, but feasible given the recent exponential adoption.

The record monthly volumes of stablecoin transfers, multiplied by 16 in just 4 years to reach $1,680 billion in April 2024, reinforce these promising prospects.

Beyond stablecoins, Allaire sees crypto adoption exploding within 10 years to reach billions of users across millions of applications. It does not even exclude that some blockchain companies overtake traditional multinationals.

A monetary and economic revolution to watch closely with optimism according to the director of Circle. A bold vision that could sustainably transform established financial systems.

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