Fall of FTX: The company comes out of silence and alerts other exchanges

In 2008, 24 hours after the bursting of the bubble formed by Bernard Madoff, the businessman was arrested. The same is true for the majority of the perpetrators of financial crimes, who for the most part were arrested immediately after the scandals resulting from their embezzlement. But today, several perpetrators of financial crimes in the crypto space are still out of court. This is the case of Do Kwon, the founder of the ecosystem, who since the collapse of LUNA, is still free to move. This is also the case of Sam Bankman-Fried, who since the implosion of FTX has been making headlines, giving interviews, playing video games ” to relax “, is crossed in malls, etc. This situation has raised a lot of questions from members of the crypto community. This, especially since the ex-billionaire has announced that he will speak at the DealBook Summit with Andrew Sorkin.

The crypto community is wondering

Already, more than two weeks since the FTX ecosystem imploded. But since then, Sam Bankman-Fried has always been free to move despite the overwhelming facts of financial malfeasance. Apart from some reactions from authorities to castigate the mismanagement of the crypto exchange, nothing concrete has happened.

The question of the silence and inaction of the authorities in the face of the case arises on social networks since yesterday. This, while SBF made a publication in which he announced that he was participating in the Deal Book and that he will have an interview with Andrew Sorkin on November 30.

SBF’s announcement

Some sources close to the industry indicate that he is in talks with investors to raise billions of dollars.


On social networks, we also wonder why the mainstream press “protect” the person concerned. Members of the crypto community have picked up some headlines from these media that challenge. Among these, we can read a publication of the Wall Street Journal where SBF is described as a mathematical genius. There’s also a Vox post where they talk about “ambitious founder”. All this, after the collapse of FTX.

“It would be in good taste that we stop giving the floor to SBF. This is not an example for the crypto community. Nor for the world we are trying to build for future generations (…) He is responsible for serious financial crimes, and for that he should be less free now”wrote one commenter.

Implicitly, members of the community have implied that SBF has still not been worried because of its relations at the top of the American state. It must be said that it is one of the biggest donors to the Democrats.

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