Crypto news: What are the most bought tokens in April?

You don’t know which tokens to bail out your crypto wallet with? We reassure you, this question remains in the minds of many investors! Difficult to find the rare pearl that will multiply its value significantly in the months or years that follow. However, we can identify current trends and draw inspiration from them to invest in promising projects.

Our two candidates of the day present themselves as being a memecoin very well established in the crypto landscape as well as a newcomer. Dogecoin and Ecoterra are two cryptos that attract for the past few days. Find out why in this article.

Dogecoin: the dog memecoin

The dog token Dogecoin has been talked about. At least, Elon Musk did it on his Twitter account recently. You are not unaware that the memecoin is closely linked to the CEO of Tesla and Twitter. Its value had risen following a tweet from Elon Musk about the token. Recently, Elon Musk seems to have repeated the experience in one of his tweet.

On the latter, we can see a meme whose head has been replaced by the Dogecoin mascot. This one features an ID with the Twitter logo. So that’s a nice description, but what does it have to do with interest in Dogecoin Exactly ?

Well, this tweet hints that Dogecoin might have particular importance in the future ecosystem of Twitter. Elon Musk wants to make the social network a true pioneer in the use of blockchain as the cornerstone of the services offered on the platform!

A piece of news that could finally fix a problem that Dogecoin owns. Crypto is certainly well known as being the founder of the meme token hype, but it has no real use to date.

Dogecoin does almost nothing. Where cryptos like Shiba Inu are working to offer services around their token, Dogecoin is dragging its feet. Becoming a powerhouse crypto in one of the biggest networks in the world could make Dogecoin serious crypto with a real goal to achieve!

Ecoterra: the green crypto Recycle2Earn

If you think that the ecology market has a future, you will be served! Ecoterra is a green crypto project, which revolves around the concept of Recycle2Earn.

To carry out this project, the developers have developed an application and the implementation of “Reverse Machine Vending” or smart waste collectors. The principle is simple: you recycle your waste by bringing it to these machines, they scan the products, and you are rewarded for this action via $ECOTERRA tokens.

These $ECOTERRA tokens are useful for invest in ecological projects. Above all, they make it possible to offset the carbon footprint of companies or individuals.

The carbon market is booming right now. By 2030, experts estimate that the ESG market could reach $30 billion.

There presale of the token is in progress. She has raised $1.2 million as of this writing.

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