Crypto mining: soon to be recognized in Montana?

In the United States, crypto regulatory procedures are well underway. However, opinions remain divided. For now, those in favor of cryptocurrency have the upper hand. Recently, we learned that the Montana Senate has just passed a bill on crypto mining.

If all goes well, the law will soon recognize crypto mining in Montana

Montana’s crypto mining bill: 37 for and 13 against

Crypto mining is big business for Montana. In a very vague regulatory framework, however, it is difficult to deal with pranks. And that is precisely the raison d’être of this bill introduced by Daniel Zolnikov.

Note : Daniel Zolnikov assumed his duties as a senator from Montana in January 2023. Yet he already seems determined to shake things up in Parliament.

THE Zolnikov’s bill focuses on several key points:

  • Grant the right to mine digital assets in Montana
  • Prohibit discriminatory tariffs imposed on crypto miners
  • Prevent local government from using zoning laws
  • Protecting the Crypto Mining Market in Montana
  • Prohibit additional taxes on crypto
  • Consider digital assets (cryptos and NFTs) as personal property

Submitted to Montana Legislative Assembly on January 16, this bill was adopted on February 23 with 37 votes in favor and 13 against.

Next step: the Chamber of States!

Per current regulations, the Montana crypto mining bill will need to get approval from the State House. Only then will it be signed into law by Governor Greg Gianforte. As the law indicates, the latter can very well veto the bill.

At this time when crypto mining is booming, the passage of this bill by the Montana Legislative Assembly can only be welcomed. In any case, this is more than good news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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