Crypto Mining: KadenaHashing (KH) Increases NFT Purchase Rewards

After successfully launching its 15,000 HK NFTs, KadenaHashing announces the acquisition of crypto mining high performance, the KD Max. 20 miners, purchased at $11,000 each, are therefore added to the fleet of this extraction specialist on the Kadena (KDA) PoW blockchain based in Dallas (Texas).

KadenaHashing buys 20 KD Max devices

Holders of any of the Kadena Hashing NFTs must rave about the good news. Surely, the acquisition of these cryptocurrency miners, in this case the KDA, will increase the mining rewards for any holder of KH crypto assets.

Our first miner purchase has been made! 20 KD Max for $11,000 each. A phenomenal price for these beasts! »

Here it should be mentioned that the model KD Max signed Goldshell is able to mine the Kadena algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 40.2 TH/s, for a consumption of 3,350W.

Certainly, it is far from equaling the new beast launched by Bitmain, the Antminer S19 Pro + Hydro, this one being able to produce approximately 200 TH/s, with a consumption of 5,445 watts. But we must recognize other no less interesting assets in the KD Max, such as low energy consumption, 83.3 W/T.

Features of the KD Max

And it is said that the KD Max is an overlocked version of the KD6 whose production capacity is around 29 TH/s, for a consumption of 2,560 watts. If the price of the KD6 is close to 12,000 dollars, that of the KD Max can reach up to 15,000 dollars.

For its new acquisition, KadenaHashing paid just $11,000 each. Like what, in the crypto universe, discounts have not yet lost their luster.

Source : Vipera

What do we expect from these new mining devices?

As mentioned above, KadenaHashing wants to make KDAs profitable at all costs. By choosing a mechanism-based blockchain Proof-of-Work, it authorizes among other benefits and substantial profits, and for life, for the holders of NFT KH. Of the ” passive income they say in the KH white paper.

To say that these assets can be acquired from 160 dollars, and that they are protected against any form of volatility.

Be careful, Kadena and KadenaHashing should not be confused. If the first is similar to a scalable PoW blockchain with several projects, the second refers to an avant-garde solution for mining cryptocurrencies.

It should also be noted that KadenaHashing promises to donate all of the profits related to its mining to the Public Treasury. This during the 6 months following the mint of each NFT. And after that, NFT KH holders will start receiving the promised rewards.

Yet another promise of KH, increasing the volume of profits based on the number of users. Its community will therefore have an interest in expanding for an effective enrichment, and this in the long term, of each portfolio.

KadenaHashing’s NFT Mint Just Happened

As recently as August 12, KadenaHashing made it known, on Mediumthat the mint of NFT HK was live. After several months of waiting, and some 200,000 dollars spent, the event finally took place.

The NFT KH mint live on August 12th

As KadenaHashing manages to offer a rate of 0.06 dollars per kWh, there is no longer any need to buy equipment or appropriate techniques to be able to afford cryptocurrencies. Its mechanism of PoW mining is able to guarantee you up to 18 KDA per day: the price of the unit on CoinGecko being 2 dollars at the time of writing this article.

@YusufDeFi gave a full display of KadenaHashing assets on his Twitter account.

If the idea of ​​making passive gains appeals to you, embark on the KadenaHashing adventure. One of its 15,000 HK NFTs has been priced from $160, while just holding this asset entitles you to the title of cryptocurrency miner.

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