Crypto: Keizer predicts the fall of Solana and XRP!

The crypto market is on alert following Max Keizer’s shocking forecasts. This renowned expert predicts the collapse of Solana (SOL) against BTC, and difficulties for XRP. These bold predictions are shaking up the markets and calling out to crypto investors.

Solana (SOL) will fall to zero

Max Keizer, a respected name in the crypto space, predicts a catastrophic decline for Solana. The Bitcoiner often attacks Altcoins, and this time, he envisages SOL collapsing against Bitcoin.

In a tweet which he released released earlier today, Keizer indeed described the Solana blockchain as “ rug sweatersimply meaning “ fraud » in the crypto sphere.

He is convinced that there is a mathematical guarantee that the SOL will eventually collapse and trade “ virtually zero compared to Bitcoin.

On the Solana graph, we also notice a drop of 25% since January 11, before hitting a low at $78.87. Nevertheless, the price of SOL has shown an increase of 18% over the past 4 days, and is currently at $93.17. Compared to Bitcoin, Solana is valued at 0.0022223 BTC.

Keizer’s previous analyzes give him a certain credibilityand his comments on Solana therefore have a significant impact.

An uncertain future for Ripple’s crypto

In addition to Solana, the analyst also targeted XRP. He affirms that Ripple’s token, like SOL, could lose ground against Bitcoin. In a recent tweet, he claimed that the XRP crypto will eventually drop to $0.01a drop of 98% compared to the current price of XRP.

Indeed, Keizer asserts that Bitcoin is the only decentralized crypto, created by a single person: Satoshi Nakamoto, who chose to disappear from the public shortly after the release of BTC. Unlike crypto altcoinscreated by teams of computer engineers, Keizer considers them “ centralized garbage. Additionally, he expresses support for the SEC in its lawsuit against Ripple.

These predictions, while controversial, remind investors of the need for careful analysis in their crypto investment decisions.

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