Crypto: John Deaton's Golden Tips for Investing in XRP and Avoiding FOMO

After causing losses to several investors by causing FOMO on XRP, John Deaton skillfully puts on his crypto advisor mantle and clears himself. The prominent lawyer explains to the community when and how to invest in crypto assets amid volatility.

John Deaton creates FOMO on XRP and teaches crypto investors a lesson

When you receive news that may trigger FOMO, do not buy any crypto assets! It is in substance advice shared by prominent lawyer John Deaton in response to accusations launched against him by certain crypto investors on

Indeed, the crypto expert known for his unconditional loyalty to XRP, had recently relayed the rumor of an XRP ETF from BlackRock. The rumor had caused a strong artificial increase in the price of XRP. Unfortunately, it turned out to be false after causing significant losses to many investors.

In response to those who publicly attacked him on X for his tweet, John Deaton reacted and did something he has never done. The expert gave investors on X a lesson in crypto investing.

John Deaton’s Tips for Managing FOMO and Successful XRP Investing

When there’s FOMO, it’s already too late to buy crypto, says Deaton

In a series of very educational tweets, John Deaton deconstructs the investment strategy used by most crypto investors. According to the expert, when we receive news revealing or predicting an increase, it is already too late to buy, because the risk of losses becomes considerable. Based on the example of XRP which recently accomplished a feat, he advises:

“You don’t have to wait for the news to buy XRP. You buy your XRP when people sell XRP. You buy all the XRP you want, or can, then you wait for the FOMO-triggering news to sell when everyone else is in FOMO.” The crypto expert may have found an excellent strategy to clear his name and give XRP a publicity boost. It nonetheless remains true that his advice could save several investors from the ravages of the next FOMO.

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