Crypto is going green!  Here is the eco-responsible future according to Globees

In a world increasingly aware of environmental issues, the crypto sector is not left out. Globees, the platform that is revolutionizing seasonal rentals thanks to blockchain, reveals its vision of an eco-responsible future for this industry and that of Web3 in general. Its approach combines the interests of its users and those of the planet.

Energy renovation and crypto: the eco-responsible label from Globees

As ecological awareness infuses our societies, the blockchain sector is also working to take its part. In this context, Globees emerges as a pioneer, combining crypto innovation and eco-responsibility. Globees has created a unique eco-responsible label, making it possible to identify real estate that meets strict sustainability criteria. This label guarantees good insulation, low energy consumption equipment and energy self-management of properties, thus ensuring promotion on the Globees platform. This initiative responds to growing demand from consumers for greener and more responsible investments.

To realize this innovative project, Globees is relying on the best. The Mv MultiversX blockchain (formerly Elrond), chosen by Globees, is a pioneer in carbon neutrality. By using this technology, Globees demonstrates its commitment to reducing the carbon footprint, offering crypto investors an opportunity to participate in the digital economy while remaining aligned with their environmental values.

Globees does not limit itself to the eco-responsibility of buildings; the company goes further by sponsoring beehives for the association ” A roof for the bees ” Which actively contributes to the preservation of bees and biodiversity. This partnership illustrates Globees' commitment to concrete ecological projects and its support for wildlife, which is essential to our ecosystem.

Investing with conscience: Globees’ ecological commitment

Looking to the future, Globees plans to partner with energy renovation specialists. This partnership aims to promote construction and renovation practices that reduce energy consumption and improve the energy efficiency of homes.

In addition, Globees encourages responsible energy consumption in homes by offering cost reductions for future tenants who will thus reduce their electricity or gas consumption. This incentive policy not only promotes energy savings but also raises awareness among seasonal rental travelers of the importance of reducing their energy footprint.

Globes is today positioned as a key player in the transition to a greener digital economy. By integrating eco-responsibility at the heart of its strategy, Globees is paving the way for a new era where crypto and ecology are one, offering investors the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable future while benefiting from the advantages of blockchain. With Globees, investing in crypto becomes an eco-responsible and committed act for the planet.

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