Crypto: "Buy before it all falls apart!"

Author of a bestseller filled with very convincing financial advice, Robert Kiyosaki invites us to protect ourselves from unfortunate events to come. For him, the collapse of the world economy is imminent. Preparation is essential for those who want to escape unscathed. And this preparation is called “cryptocurrency”.

Kiyosaki predicts dark days

Now is the time to enter the cryptosphere. “, had advised the man who wrote” rich dad poor dad “to members of his mailing list” Rich Dad Community “. Because, in his eyes, only cryptocurrencies will help us survive the crash that is coming at high speed.

His predictions for the future of the global economy sound dire:

I predict the biggest crash in world history is coming. » reported that the famous writer did not mention additional information about the advent of this long recession. No date or event. In any case, many are those who prophesied the advent of dark days for humanity, or at least the end of our financial system.

At the moment, the world is struggling to swallow the “inflation” pill. From Lebanon to Turkey, via Europe and the United States, increases in commodity prices seem unsustainable.

To say that the FED has found no better way than to increase its key rates to cope with inflation. An action that Robert Kiyosaki calls harmful for the US dollar.

Moreover, he has never hidden his distrust of Jerome Powell (president of the American Federal Reserve), Joe Biden, Janet Yellen (secretary of the Treasury)… and even less of Wall Street.

It’s now or never ?

It is not enough to WANT to get into crypto…Now is when you MUST get into crypto, before the biggest economic crash in history,” according to Robert Kiyosaki.

But why did he say now »? Why prefer the word to have to ” to ” want to »? Because the prices of cryptocurrencies are sold off at the moment. The bear market has caused bitcoin is trading at $20,327.06 at the time of writing. This represents a very big opportunity for investors, especially if it recovers to its old level of last November.

the bear run is also behind the emergence of new widely affordable crypto-currencies, such as LUNC, DOGE and SHIB.

For this financial adviser, the conditions are met for “ picking up bargains, especially in real estate and bitcoin “. And the less fortunate must also take advantage of the situation to enrich themselves. Knowing that we are not very far from bull run no more.

[Il est] time for [les] poor to become rich. “, he had pointed out recently.

If Robert Kiyosaki had preferred to wait for the bitcoin to be bought at 1,100 dollars before investing, two months later, he changed his mind. Apart from cryptos, he also advised turning to gold and silver. Because these assets will rise in a short time.

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