Crypto: Bitcoin & Ethereum are gaining ground in France

The crypto industry is having a rather complicated year 2022. Nevertheless, it continues to fascinate individuals and institutions around the world. In France, for example, several structures have recently shown interest in virtual currencies. Arquant Capital, the French company specializing in digital assets, has become the first firm in France to offer direct investments in the crypto market to its clients. It has thus partnered with the French banking giant Société Générale to offer funds in bitcoins (BTC) and ethers (ETH). This collaboration will contribute to a more massive adoption in France of the top two cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Arquant and Société Générale invest in cryptocurrencies

The growing interest of French institutions for crypto

France is less advanced in the adoption of cryptos than the United States, but it continues to progress. The strict control of government authorities and the preponderant role of the AMF have deterred many institutions from investing in digital assets. Arquant Capital, the French management company intends to make the exception. Created in 2021, it immediately showed interest in crypto. She’s there first company in France that allows its customers to invest directly in cryptocurrencies.

Indeed, it will now be able to offer funds in bitcoins and ethers. This revival for digital currencies is not insignificant, Arquant Capital argues that: “The goal is to facilitate access to this asset class for professional clients with market standard constraints. But also to accompany them with active management for those who do not know how to manage the volatility linked to cryptos well. »

Arquant is not the only French company interested in the crypto industry. It collaborates precisely with the banking giant Societe Generale to offer new Bitcoin and Ethereum fund management services. These services will be particularly aimed at asset managers wishing to take advantage of the strong demand for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. To convince its customers, the bank relied on an experience “simple and suitable” in setting up Bitcoin funds with its new service offerings. In the bank’s press release, it states that: “More and more investors want to integrate cryptocurrencies into their portfolios (…) Asset management companies are therefore looking to build new ranges of solutions invested mainly in digital assets. »


The crypto market has been going through a bad patch since the beginning of the year. However, despite the bear market, institutions continue to show interest in digital currencies. If, in France, Arquant Capital and Société Générale illustrate this trend well, other institutions in the world are also doing it. For example, the second largest stock exchange in the world, the Nasdaq, announced the introduction of new services. These are crypto and bitcoin custody services for its institutional clients. The only fear currently is that the MiCA regulation and the AMF will oppose this large-scale adoption of cryptos that is looming in France.

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