Crypto: Bitcoin and Ether relive the glories of 2021!

Ah, 2021, the peak of Bitcoin and cryptos! While most thought those glory days were behind us, Bitcoin and Ether remind us that the enchantment is far from over. Hang in there, because the best is yet to come.

Return to glory: The numbers don’t lie

Options activity on bitcoin and ether is creating roller-coaster emotions. The crypto options market is booming, and current indicators are even higher than in November 2021, when our beloved Bitcoin was trading at over $66,000.

And yes, you read correctly, bitcoin is still playing tricks, and the surprises are far from over. With a historic peak exceeding 20 billion dollarsthank you the craze for ETFs, the nostalgia for 2021 is palpable.

Moreover, a juicy little anecdote for lovers of figures: options worth $4.5 billion expired this Friday, as revealed by Deribit. Who said Fridays were quiet?

The bright future of bitcoin and the entire crypto market

Deribit is at the heart of this renaissance. It controls, hang on, 90% of the world’s crypto options activity.

The commercial director of DeribitLuuk Strijers, told CoinDesk of his satisfaction: “ Reaching this milestone is like starting from scratch. What a joy to see this growth and this growing enthusiasm for options among our customers! »

But what exactly are these options? Well, to put it simply and without boring you with technical terms, these are contracts that give the right to buy or sell an asset at a fixed price.

And guess what? The current activity in this market greatly influences the price of the crypto spot market.

Speaking of the future, Google searches for Bitcoin have exploded in recent weeks. Furthermore, growing public interest, coupled with statements from iconic figures like Adamback, who believes that Bitcoin is undervalued and should already exceed $100,000, only bodes well. It’s a bit like saying that the best is yet to come.

So what else does Bitcoin and the entire crypto market have in store for us? The probability is high that Bitcoin and Ether will make us relive, or even surpass, the emotions of 2021.

After all, who knows what tomorrow will bring? Perhaps, soon, we will talk about 2023 as the new year of glory for cryptos. And don’t forget, everything, absolutely everything, is possible. Today, Bitcoin has already outperformed Tesla.

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