Crypto: Voyager Digital set to raise $270 million

Voyager is a company specializing in cryptography. In July, it was forced to suspend its transactions. Currently, it is in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings. Offers for Voyager assets are scheduled for September 6. If necessary, an auction will be held on September 29. The names of two crypto giants are among those interested in Voyager assets: Binance and FTX.

Binance and FTX Official reportedly interested in Voyager

Investors eye Voyager assets

According to Voyager’s attorneys, more than 22 investors have expressed interest in bidding on the deals. This means that the company is not only of interest to crypto giants. Binance, Coinbase and FTX Official are therefore not the only ones wanting to acquire the assets of Voyager.

Binance would have already offered an offer!

Binance’s spokesperson neither denied nor confirmed the purchase of Voyager’s assets. different sources argue, however, that Binance would be very interested in Voyager.

In one of the articles of, we can read that the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, does not hide that Voyager approached his company to discuss the sale of the assets. In his interview, he then clarified that the Binance team engages in all of these conversations.

All of this, and the fact that neither the Spokesperson nor the CEO of Binance publicly denied the intention to buy Voyager, suggests that Binance may have bid for the purchase of Voyager’s assets.

FTX is in line

FTX, meanwhile, has already made an offer publicly. This is to return 100% of the remaining assets to Voyager customers. FTX is therefore offering to offer early liquidity to Voyager customers. A proposal that is considered to be inconsistent with the tendering procedures proposed by Voyager’s lawyers. But it seems that this is not the only offer offered by FTX. This keeps it in the running for the purchase of Voyager’s assets.

Voyager’s assets are of interest to many investors. It is quite normal that the big names in cryptographic exchanges like Binance and FTX are among the list of potential buyers. But it’s all just a guess! We have to wait until September 6 or September 29 in the event of an auction to find out which company will be the lucky buyer.

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