Cosmos (ATOM) could hit $140?

Asset management firm Vaneck is optimistic about the future value of Cosmos’ ATOM crypto. Indeed, this asset manager predicts that this token will reach $140 by 2030. With the current crypto price at $11, this is a buying opportunity for the Cosmos token, with a risk ratio of 1:14.

Interesting income for the future

According to an article that appeared on their site on August 15, Vaneck estimates that blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem represent 30% of all future blockchains. They also assume that Cosmos Hub secures 50% of Cosmos’ blockchain networks.

Subsequently, the asset manager derives a take rate for the Cosmos ATOM token. Which was derived from transaction revenue, chain security inflation, and MEV revenue. The community expects the Cosmos Hub to price security at 25% of consumer chain transactions.

Additionally, Vaneck analysts see Cosmos (ATOM) racking up 25% of inflation rewards from its consumer networks. To arrive at their 25% MEV revenue shares, Vaneck applies the same split between Cosmos Hub and its consumer channels.

Vaneck goes on to add that Cosmos Hub will generate $21.6 billion per year by 2030. This forecast takes into account growth forecasts and inflation of the Cosmos ecosystem. Alternatively, these revenues can be classified as free cash flow. This is because these are net revenues, excluding fees and operating costs of a blockchain.

Cosmos ATOM
Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos (ATOM): a promising blockchain technology

In his article, Vaneck analysts believe there is a huge target market for Cosmos (ATOM) blockchain technology. Indeed, it is an efficient and economical technology in terms of costs. It can also count on the experience of its users.

Next, Vaneck predicts that a large portion of future public blockchains will exist in the Cosmos ecosystem. This, due to the reliability and ease of use of the Cosmos SDK. And then there are also the unlimited interoperability features offered by IBC.

In short, the Cosmos Hub ATOM token is a crypto with great potential given all these assets. It could cover a considerable portion of the value of the public blockchain market. Thus, its price could reach $140, according to Vaneck’s forecast.

Source : Vaneck

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