Colombia signs a first in the metaverse

In recent months, Colombia has made significant progress in the adoption of blockchain and its applications. An advance closely linked to the enthusiasm of the authorities for this technology. The country has taken a big step in adopting and democratizing the metaverse.

An audience in the metaverse!

Blockchain applications in Colombia continue to gain ground. After its adoption by the Ministry of ICT, the technology has just taken a new step. According to information which filtered on Sunday February 26, the technology was tested in the field of justice. Indeed, according to Reuters, the Colombian administrative court of Magdalena organized, on February 15, a trial in the metaverse. A two-hour hearing, dealing with a traffic dispute. The protagonists attended the hearing in avatar form.

The experience, which seemed “more real than a video call”, was a success, according to observers. The verdict should also take place in the metaverse, notably in a virtual courtroom.

A successful experience for the metaverse in Colombia

This new development is a first for the blockchain and metaverse industry in the country. Colombia thus enters the history of this sector, by becoming the first country in the world to use the metaverse for sovereign issues such as justice.

One can imagine that this dynamic will extend to other countries. This new advance is without context a positive factor for judicial activities within States. These should, in the long term, gain in productivity, dynamism and above all in efficiency. It should be noted that this development reflects the projections of several experts on the potential of the blockchain. The World Economic Forum (WEF) had published a study in January, which indicated in particular that the adoption of the blockchain is a compulsory passage for the States. This, because of the many possibilities it offers.

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