Coinbase launches voter education initiative on crypto politics

Coinbase has been making a lot of noise lately. But if so far it has not been on good terms, it could be that the crypto platform has found a way to ride out the bad wind and restore its image.

Coinbase and its laudable initiative

The cryptosphere is getting bigger every day and many people are now interested in cryptocurrencies. However, the complexity of the sector complicates things a bit. On the one hand there are those who know how it works and find their benefit in it. And on the other side, there are those who are interested in digital assets but don’t know how to get started.

It is with this in mind that Coinbase has decided to throw a voter registration and education program. According to the company, this initiative aims to answer questions from the community regarding the crypto future. Indeed, the ecosystem remains uncertain on many points.

According to Coinbase, its customers have already shown a willingness to become more involved in the crypto policy discussions taking place in the United States. Because of this, the exchange plans to provide them with the support and tools necessary to make this happen. To go further, he also mentioned the American regulations which are linked with the development of the crypto industries and Web3.

The Mass Adoption of Cryptos by US Citizens

Digital assets, although risky, continue to appeal to American citizens. According to a Morning Consult 2022 report, approximately one in four households owns cryptocurrency. This represents exactly 24% and this number could increase in a few months.

With the midterm elections fast approaching, Coinbase wants to ensure that its customers not only understand the crypto industry, but also the policies behind it.

Remember that this period is not the most glorious for the crypto exchange platform. Indeed, she is facing a bad wind and the criticisms do not end there. However, it still wants its users to participate in the next interim elections and make their voices heard.

We do not necessarily know Coinbase in the political field. However, the crypto exchange platform states that as long as it is tied to its mission to increase economic freedom around the world, it will engage in the political process. However, this initiative raises questions. Is crypto policy education really a program to help users or to help the platform improve its image?

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