Cardano: Flint Wallet 2.0 in collaboration with Milkomeda!

Flint Wallet is a crypto wallet based on the Cardano blockchain. Founded in April 2021, it has only been available to the general public since January 2022. The Flint Wallet application, on the other hand, was launched in May 2022. Since its creation, the company has not stopped innovating. To mark the beginning of the year, it reveals important information about its version 2.0 which will support Milkomeda tokens.

Milkomeda C1 tokens land on Cardano’s Flint Wallet

Support for Milkomeda C1 on the Flint Wallet for Cardano

In recent months, the Cardano blockchain has been attracting the interest of many users. Moreover, she multiplies the innovations to facilitate even more the life of her community. The latest is about Flint Wallet. To set the tone at the start of the year, the wallet published on January 22, 2023 the essential information of its new update.

In his tweet, Flint Wallet talks about a 2.0 version which is essentially characterized by the support of Milkomeda 1 tokens. For Flint Wallet, this is a considerable step forward which is perfectly in line with its desire to reach the interoperability on the Cardano blockchain. A statement also supported by its CTO, SĂ©bastien Guillemot.

But not only !

The Flint Wallet team has been working on this new update for several months. Still in its vision of creating interoperability between Cardano and other blockchains, the wallet announcement already other projects to come. These include Milkomeda Smart Contracts and Paima Gaming. Once these new features are developed, Flint Wallet will be able to support smart contracts with smart contracts wrapped as game wallet support.

In its announcement, Flint Wallet basically focused on supporting Milkomeda C1. However, you should know that version 2.0 has many other features. For example, it is now possible to toggle the list of assets and the portfolio. Users will also be able to view the token amount in the transaction history. In any case, the announcement is already generating many positive reactions. Of course, it will also impact the value of Cardano.

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