Whales Bet on Cardano: $218.4M in ADA Accumulated

The statistics relating Cardano performance just fell. Regarding this blockchain, we can say that Everything is fine. Big plan !

Cardano, figures that do not betray the blockchain

If Charles Hoskinson argued earlier this month that Cardano is more attractive than Ethereum, he has his reasons. Admittedly, the Vitalik Buterin blockchain succeeded brilliantly in its Shanghai upgrade, but the recent statistics regarding Cardano go beyond any forecast.

Above is a photo summary of the latest achievements of (and in) Cardano. He was pricked in his weekly development report for the previous week.

124 projects launched on Cardano and $64.6 million in transactions

In addition to these figures, here are some points that should attract your attention.

Core technology

The team in charge of the “Core Technology” component of Cardano is currently working on theimproved nodes, consensus and network. It has also experienced advancements in:

  • benchmarking;
  • profiling of the new tracing system;
  • integration of a library of Plutus scripts into the team’s benchmarking tools and profiles;
  • etc

Wallets and Services

On April 11, the Cardano team was able to add Lace 1.0 on mainnet. In the future, she will be working on a desktop version of this lightweight wallet platform from IOG.

Furthermore, it is worth noting the completion of the cycle ofBE Lace performance optimization (cardano-js-sdk) and its publication on the mainnet.

Smart Contracts on Cardano

Here we will note the achievements of the Plutus team who have just added the test of fix for Marconi indexers. In this perspective, it also carried out a comparison of these indexers with cardano-db-sync. Thanks to the effort of this unit of Cardano, Macroni’s MintBurn indexer is now available for queries in the HTTP server.

At the same time, the Marlowe team have given another name to “marlowe” in the videos and starter kit examples: “marlowe-runtime-cli”. The update of the Marlowe Runtime architecture diagrams and the publication of the Marlowe libraries on CHaP are also part of their progress.

Basho scaling

The Hydra team, meanwhile, has posted its monthly report for the month of March. She also identified potential solutions for the rollbacks bug and discussed API requests for the Hydra Voting project.

Regarding the Mithril team, they continued to work on the migration of aggregator stores and developed a new tick service. The latter will allow provide tags to other aggregator services “.


This section includes the Voltaire era and the Catalyst project.

All the points mentioned above explain the seriousness of Cardano and the interest shown by whales in this blockchain.

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