Bright or sad future for bitcoin (BTC)?  Opinion of the experts of Finder!

Admittedly, we are still a long way from seeing bitcoin trading above $68,000, as it did in November 2021, but recent market developments suggest that the queen of cryptos is on a phase. ascending. A panel of 56 Finder specialists recently looked at the price of BTC for 2023. Here is the report of their analysis.

Bitcoin at $29,000 for 2023

Horrible was the year 2022 for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But as soon as 2023 rolled around, the legacy left by Satoshi Nakamoto began to take shape. This is a situation that does not leave Finder experts indifferent. Those who are used to making predictions on the price of cryptophare and ethereum, have again broached the subject.

According to a report published on the Finder website, 56 panelists gathered to discuss the price of bitcoin for 2023 and beyond. Most of them believe that this cryptoasset will trade at $29,095 this year. Around December, however, this price could see a revision to 26,844 dollars per unit.

Our panel thinks that Bitcoin (BTC) will be worth US$26,844 by the end of 2023, before reaching US$77,942 in 2025 “, we said on the site.

Bitcoin price evolution between 2023 and 2030 – Source: Finder

Other clarifications provided by Finder

If there is another point to mention in this report, it is the possibility of a new fall that bitcoin may experience, again this year. According to these Finder experts, the lowest average BTC price is $13,067. It may even drop below $10,000.

BTC will mostly be in a price range for most of 2023. Rising cost of living and a challenging economic environment reduce investors’ ability to allocate capital to BTC “, specifies Vetle Lunde, principal analyst at Arcane Crypto.

Furthermore, half of the panelists believe that now is the time to buy BTC. Or keep them warm in cleverly secured crypto wallets.

Finder expert advice for bitcoin investors – Source: Finder

That’s quite the opposite of Jim Cramer’s advice, anyway. Indeed, the latter has just invited crypto investors to flee bitcoin now that it is selling for more than $22,000.

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