Brands land in the metaverse thanks to METAV.RS

METAV.RS, the start-up dedicated to supporting brands in the metaverse announces a fundraising of 3 million euros to accelerate the development of its platform and recruit more.

Integrate and manage your products in digital universes easily

The no-code white label solution makes it easy to create NFTs and sell them on dedicated pages, on the brand’s e-commerce site or on marketplaces and create enriched experiences.

The startup provides brands and agencies with a suite of integrated applications allowing them, for example, to manage their own virtual universes, called Minivers. Accessible from a web browser, the Internet user can discover the brand’s universe in an immersive way, interact with many elements and buy dematerialized brand goods (NFT) in particular through virtual fitting rooms.

METAV.RS has about ten key account customers, mainly luxury and retail brands. The start-up also collaborates with creative agencies and consulting firms to enable them to centrally manage the experiences of the brands they support, particularly for the launch of NFT collections and the creation of immersive experiences.

A round table in good company

The start-up, previously self-financed, brought several French and foreign investment funds, experienced entrepreneurs and Web3 figures into its capital.

This seed round was led by Jsquare (DFG Group), a specialized Web3 fund based in Singapore, joined by the consulting firm Sia Partners via its start-up Studio and 50 Partners, an investment fund founded around 50 entrepreneurs. to success.

METAV.RS is also surrounded by known and recognized “Business Angels” such as David Balland, co-founder of Ledger, Sébastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, Michael Amar, co-founder of Ifeelgoods and multi-entrepreneur, Thibault Renouf, CEO of Partoo , Joel Hazan, Managing Director & Partner of BCG, Sébastien Lalevée, CEO of Financière Arbevel, and Jonathan Bordereau, co-founder of Golden Bees.

The metaverse, a market in the making

The global metaverse market could reach up to $13 trillion. Combined technologies combining 3D, augmented and virtual reality and blockchain are becoming mature and allowing new uses.

The challenges for brands are multiple: first of all, it is about creating new experiences and capturing audiences such as Generation Z and Alpha. The latter, very invested in their digital identity, will spend nearly 4 hours a day by 2025 in the various metaverses.

Brands are taking a close interest in these new virtual environments and how this will transform their model in the medium term. The market for luxury brand NFTs alone could reach $56 billion in 2030.

It is not surprising that all brands now give a more or less important place in their strategy to Web3 and the opportunities it may have for their business.

Allow brands to manage their presence and become N°1

In practice, METAV.RS wishes to democratize access to the metaverse for brands and allow marketing teams to simply and quickly integrate content into selected metaverses.

In particular, the team deployed a 3D reconstruction application (3D Builder), making it easy to scan real objects to transpose them into the metaverse. The 3D models thus generated make it possible to create digital twins that can be integrated cross-metaverse and/or integrated into product sheets on e-commerce sites to boost sales of physical products.


This platform allows brands this type of utility:

  • Interoperable and resilient, connected with the main metaverses and social networks, to easily deploy the brand in new virtual universes;
  • Compatible with the main e-commerce platforms and applications for enhancing NFTs, for setting up digital twins;
  • Accessible by allowing payment by the user by credit card and simple access to brand experiences from a web browser;
  • Secure and in accordance with regulations, essential for consumers and brands.

The arrival of Web3 leads to a decentralization of the web and the emergence of many new virtual universes. The challenge for brands is to be able to simply activate and manage their presence in these emerging universes: more reach, enriched and unique experiences deployed simply while maintaining control of their brand in these virtual universes.

We are developing a simple tool that allows brands to manage their activity in metaverses, a sort of metaverse CMS.

Some of our clients have very ambitious plans to transform their existing model. We support them in the co-construction of the 3-5 year roadmap and divide this plan into batches and activations in order to deliver the first bricks in a few weeks. “, explains Clément Foucher, co-founder of METAV.RS.

The start-up will take part in numerous events in the coming months (at the Web Summit in Lisbon, at GITEX in Dubai, at CES in Las Vegas and at the NRF in New York) and will produce NFT collections for some of them. METAV.RS had already created the Metaverse Summit NFTs by creating an embeddable MetaJacket on both Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Asia, a key issue for the metaverse

Asia will account for 60% of the luxury market by 2025 with a large part of the population belonging to Generations Z and Alpha. These hyper-connected generations are fond of new interactive and innovative experiences with their favorite brands and are ready to spend small fortunes to improve their digital status.

Digital identity, and in particular NFTs, are the new social markers of Generations Z and Alpha. This is all the more true in Asia. Many luxury brands are seizing the opportunity and also preparing for the future by creating desirability through activations targeting Alpha generations “.

In order to accelerate its development in Asia, METAV.RS has opened an office in Hong Kong and Seoul, offering in particular a support offer for large accounts in complex, specific but gigantic markets.

METAV.RS was created in January 2022 by 4 partners from 3D and entrepreneurship: Simon & Clément Foucher, Jérémie Salvucci & Adrien De Lavenere-Lussan. The company now has 20 employees spread between Paris, Angers, Vierzon and Hong Kong. METAV.RS is incubated at Station F by Naver, a Korean web and metaverse juggernaut. For more information, you can visit the site METAV.RSor follow them on Twitter and instagram.

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