BNB Chain - Google Cloud: A partnership that will propel startups!

Google has always been fond of Web 3.0 and cryptocurrencies. There is nothing surprising in Google Cloud’s decision to partner with BNB Chain to promote projects related to these new technologies. If this joint initiative is successful, several startups will be able to benefit from basic infrastructure, cloud computing or a mentoring program.

BNB Chain and Google Cloud reach out to start-ups

For Google Cloud and BNB Chain, it’s time to help start-up companies get their Web3 and blockchain-related project off to a good start. For this, the two companies have established partnership aimed at promoting around 150 similar initiatives.

This collaboration manifests itself as follows:

  • all projects based on the BNB Chain will be able to easily access the Google Cloud infrastructure, encrypt information from the conveniences of this platform or even analyze data on the chain;
  • the 150 projects that the two instigators will help will benefit from a BNB-focused accelerator program and a “ accelerated access » Google Cloud Enterprise Support Program;
  • they will also be able to benefit from training, Web3 developer seminars, Google Cloud Skills Boost certification, and more. ;
  • Google experts specializing in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) or data analysis will connect with developers.

Proud of this partnership, Gwendolyn Regina, Chief Investment Officer of BNB Chain, comments:

Google Cloud is a very good player in Web2 and has really done a lot in Web3. It is important for us to work with great actors who have great visions, and we share the same DNA and the same visions. »

As a reminder, Google has just entered the Web3 space. Google Cloud, meanwhile, had assembled a team specializing in digital assets earlier this year. In addition, BNB Chain is rich in 1,300 decentralized applications (DApps) oriented in the metaverse, DeFi, NFTs and also blockchain games. Their alliance promises a host of benefits to startups starting operations in these sectors.

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