Blockchain: towards more anonymity for developers

As you might expect, apps and tools without anonymity offer little privacy and security. Likewise, they are more likely to be controlled by corporations. In this context, professionals are more attracted to blockchain technology which truly offers anonymity.

CZ predicts that “developers will be more anonymous”

According a tweet from CZ, the CEO of Binance, on August 15, “developers will be more anonymous; the code will be more open source“. It is true that blockchain technology prioritizes privacy and allows transactions to be made anonymously. Platforms without anonymity are easy to manipulate and control, which makes them unreliable. Thanks to anonymity, cryptocurrencies become suitable means to carry out transactions in complete security. And developers can build innovative tools with confidence using blockchain technology.

The concept of open source code implies free access to the source code of a platform. The use of such code simplifies the coding of applications. Adding third-party open source code to its codebase is a quick way to incorporate new functionality into a platform. The developer therefore no longer has to create all the instructions that will promote the proper functioning of the tool that he is programming.

Furthermore, the use of open source code makes it possible to build bridges between different crypto projects. This becomes very useful for example when you want to create a sidechain to facilitate transactions on the main blockchain. This also makes it possible to build solid bridges which will allow several blockchains to communicate with each other.

More and more users are complaining about the lack of privacy and security of traditional platforms. The developers understood that they could overcome this problem by using the blockchain. More and more of them are therefore interested in this technology.

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