Bitget stands out at a time of change in the crypto exchange platform market

The cryptocurrency market continues to evolve and some crypto exchange platforms prefer to review their expansion strategy in certain markets. With the announcement of certain platforms leaving the French market, their users as well as other passionate traders may wonder which platforms to turn to in order to continue their investments without worries. In particular, Bitget is one of the most secure platforms and offers a wide choice of services for all types of traders.

Bitget: Continued growth, even during a Bear Market

According to a recent report from Token Insight which analyzes the performance of crypto exchange platforms, Bitget, with 1.81% growth during the second quarter, marks the second largest growth on the market this year. More recently, an analysis of CCData emphasized that Bitget had recorded the strongest growth in the derivatives market in August with a gain of 1.58% in market share. Also note that this growth occurs in rather unfavorable market conditions. Indeed, the volume of the derivatives market decreased by 12.5% ​​to reach 1,620 billion dollars, the lowest volume since December 2022.

bitget in the top 5 exchanges

The safety of its users above all

Bitget has made it a point of honor to ensure the protection of its users’ assets. To do this, it shares a monthly report showing its proof of reservations. The latest shows an impressive total reserves ratio of 207%, more than double the market standard. This ensures that user funds are covered 1:1 and accessible immediately.

Bitget also has a protection fund, and has done so since August 2022. The fund, initially of $200 million, was increased to $300 million in November 2022. Since then, its value has remained above $300 million. dollars, as we can see in the transparency reports shared by Bitget every month.

The largest crypto copy trading platform

Bitget was the first exchange to offer the copy trading on derivatives in 2020, and was also the first to offer this service on the spot market. Copy trading, as a reminder, is a trading tool consisting of copying the strategies of more experienced traders. It therefore allows the most novice or people who do not have the time necessary to follow daily trading activities to start trading and obtain passive income. To date, Bitget is the largest crypto copy trading platform with 120,000 traders who are copied by around 600,000 others. This tool has generated over $410 million in profits for users.

A strategy based on the “Trade Smarter” principle

Recently, Bitget did a complete rebrand, revealing a new strategy based on the “Trade Smarter” principle. For several months now, Bitget has invested in innovation in order to offer a range of trading products aimed at facilitating access to advanced investment strategies. In particular, the integration of Artificial Intelligence or even strategic partnerships, such as 3Commas, in order to offer a better automated trading experience.

To conclude, Bitget is a reliable and growing platform. Given the advantages that this platform has, it can represent an excellent alternative to competing platforms deciding to reduce their presence in the country.

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