Bitcoin: The Fear & Greed index returns to the neutral zone, a truce before the next bull run?

The Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index fell back to 50 on Tuesday. After weeks of euphoria linked to ETFs, this return to calm raises the question: a simple pause before a new rally or a misleading lull preceding a crash?

Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index Returns to Neutral Territory

After weeks of euphoria linked to the arrival of Bitcoin Spot ETFs, the Fear & Greed index suddenly returned to 50 on January 23, signaling neutral crypto market sentiment.

This hint, oscillating from 0 to 100, aggregates several indicators such as volatility, transaction volume and activity on social networks. Its objective: to determine whether fear or greed dominates among crypto investors.

However, the sudden transition from extreme greed (with an index between 65 and 76) to neutrality seems to indicate a pause in the incredible bullish rally of BTC in recent months. The queen of cryptos had gone from 16,000 to more than 48,000 dollars in one year, driven by the enthusiasm around these exchange-traded funds (ETFs) backed by Bitcoin.

The long-awaited approval of these ETFs by the SEC on January 10, however, did not lead to the expected excitement. And after these fireworks, a correction seemed inevitable. Bitcoin thus fell back to around $39,800 this Tuesday, putting an end to the craze linked to these new generation financial products.

A purchasing opportunity to seize?

For many seasoned traders, a Fear & Greed Index indicating investor fear is a signal of a buying opportunity worth seizing. Conversely, its passage into the zone of extreme greed must encourage the greatest caution.

Legendary investor Warren Buffett summed it up well: “ It is wise to be greedy when others are afraid, and to be fearful when others are greedy“. In other words, even if this return to neutrality suggests a pause for Bitcoin, it could above all mark an interesting entry point for long-term investors, convinced of its potential.

Time will tell whether this rebalancing will have marked a temporary bottom before a possible resumption of the rise. Regardless, for those who believe in Bitcoin in the long term, these corrections offer buying opportunities to seize, ephemeral windows to strengthen their positions.

Above all, the overall context seems favorable. Indeed, the adoption of Bitcoin continues to accelerate, with behemoths like BlackRock making their entry. And the next halving is approaching in April, mechanically reducing the supply of new bitcoins and generally supporting its price. So many signals which suggest that this passage could only be a pause before new peaks.

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