Bitcoin (BTC), the calm before the storm?  Analysis by John Bollinger

In terms of technical analysis, Bollinger Bands are arguably the most widely used indicators. Recently John Bollinger, the famous trader, spoke about the current market conditions. Discover the future of bitcoin (BTC) according to Bollinger analysis.

Bitcoin (BTC) Could Soon Show Interesting Moves Says John Bollinger

If Bollinger bands are among the best indicators for trading, it is because they play a very important role in the ecosystem. Named after their creator, John Bollinger, these aim to measure the volatility and possible price levels of an asset.

Currently, the crypto market remains confused because although the price of bitcoin (BTC) is up from last year, it is also down in the last 24 hours. Indeed, the BTC is experiencing a compression and this could generate significant price movements.

Recently, John Bollinger made a tweet in which he highlights the current state of the bitcoin market. According to him, this compression is all the more interesting as it is associated with a declining volume of transactions. Against this backdrop, the price action could break out both up and down.

What direction will the price of BTC take?

In a squeeze like this, most investors are hoping for an upside. But according to John Bollinger’s analysis, the direction the bitcoin (BTC) price will take depends on several factors. Among other things, reactions from market participants, fundamental news and general market sentiment. Therefore, no one knows the exact direction of this potential movement.

Bollinger bands can indicate both bullish and bearish breakouts. Therefore, the wisest thing would be to stay alert and keep an eye on the indicators.

The crypto market requires extreme caution and vigilance. If John Bollinger’s analysis proves correct, this compression could suggest the calm before the storm. This period of reduced volatility could be crucial for the price of bitcoin (BTC) going forward. And what do you think of this analysis?

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