Bitcoin (BTC) Maximalism: Necessity or Destructive Reaction?

The creation of cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin has created an unparalleled wave of criticism. If until now bitcoin (BTC) was the only known crypto, the year 2011 called everything into question. At the same time, she launched a movement that is gaining enormous momentum over time: bitcoin maximalism.

Maximalism, as necessary to bitcoin as the immune system to the human body?

There are as many maximalisms as there are crypto assets. However, bitcoin maximalism is arguably the best known. Indeed, supporters of the flagship crypto are a little more numerous every day and they do not hide their enthusiasm. During the Surfin Bitcoin, a blogger spoke with some of them and they explained their point of view to him.

According to them, toxic maximalism is a necessary reaction for bitcoin (BTC) supremacy. For them, the queen of cryptos is much more than just an asset that fluctuates in value. It’s a revolution. But that’s not all, it’s a revolution that must be protected. As a result, you have to give yourself the means to get there, even if it means rejecting any other thought.

On this point, they do not hesitate since they believe that their reaction is necessary for the development of bitcoin (BTC). Just as the human body needs the immune system to function effectively, the BTC needs people to help it defend against outside attacks.

Are maximalists destroying digital assets?

The bitcoin (BTC) craze is a good thing in itself. However, the toxic behavior of some supporters can very quickly become harmful to the flagship cryptocurrency. Indeed, their reasoning has its place. However, they could do it differently.

If toxic maximalism is the immune system that protects bitcoin, sympathizers would benefit from behaving otherwise. According to the blogger crypto, if they continue this way they will end up destroying the human body which is BTC. By dint of protecting it against all the solutions that do not meet the fundamentals of the flagship crypto, they will end up leading it to its downfall.

Many other cryptocurrency enthusiasts have already made this remark, however nothing helps. The term launched in 2014 by Vitalik Buterin now seems to take on worrying proportions. However, everything depends on the point of view because where some see it as a disadvantage, others see it rather as an advantage.

Bitcoin maximalism is getting a little more popular every day. However, if there are maximalists for each crypto, that of BTC is worrying given the toxic nature of some sympathizers. In this case, even if they think they are acting for the development and fulfillment of the flagship crypto, they will inevitably end up harming the adoption of this asset.

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