Bitcoin (BTC): A Fake FatMan Scam

Reporting scams is good, demonstrating how they work (too) easily is very instructive. By setting up a fake scam, FatMan scooped up over $100,000 in bitcoins within hours, with just 2 tweets. A masterfully executed demonstration: despite constant warnings from the cryptosphere, greed and credulity still cause many investors to dive.

FatMan and his team are determined to expose scams and protect the gullible. Despite numerous warnings against scams, the victims are still numerous. In order to demonstrate how easily people can be tricked, FatMan has fabricated a scam from scratch.

Here’s the thing: scammers are never satisfied. The greed of psychopaths is bottomless. The next scam will come. She may have a similar pattern. Be careful – remember the steps – the scam will be much better put together this time around. Watch everything closely. Thanks for reading. FatMan nevertheless posts preventive messages!

$100,000 worth of bitcoins (BTC) in two hours

A hundred private messages, 3.45 BTC on Twitter and 2 BTC on Discord: more than $100,000 worth of bitcoins and new requests pouring in every minute. In just two tweets and two paragraphs typed in a Word document, people invested against the promise of an exceptional return.

More than 100,000 followers, a more or less convincing speech, a deliberately mysterious investment, and an attractive return will have been enough. Despite many warnings from other Internet users, some have headlong into the trap.

The endless pool of victims of scams

After this experience, people may be more cautious, but there will always be casualties. While some read the warnings, many don’t. Greed and credulity are enough to be a perfect victim. This is why influencers flourish on the web, because the number of potential victims is more than enough to ensure a golden retirement. And it is not Crypto.gouv who will say the opposite. The plague of social networks are those influencers who offer coaching, extraordinary investments or counterfeit products. They are also called “influvoleurs”, the French-speaking community is not left out to denounce them. But this is not enough.

Fatman’s Lesson

It’s far too easy to scam people with cryptocurrencies. And that must change. If you don’t understand where the yield comes from, you are the yield. Listen carefully to critics of any project or investment before getting involved. »

FatMan says it has refunded everyone who sent money. He wanted to demonstrate how gullible people can be. He is determined to denounce the scams on his Twitter feed.

The fake scam: a privileged investment with a high return.

Of course, some people didn’t appreciate the joke, but our vigilante doesn’t mind. He wanted to prove how too many people lose their minds when there are promises of easy money. Successful demonstration. We haven’t finished seeing new Bitconnect, Juicy Fields, Crypto gouv et cie…

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