Bitcoin at $1 million in 2024?  Martin Shkreli's bold prediction

Martin Shkreli, controversial figure in the pharmaceutical industry, took everyone by surprise with his shattering prediction: a 75% chance that Bitcoin will reach $1 million by the end of 2024. A prophecy that adds to those of other big names in finance like Cathie Wood and Robert Kiyosaki.

Martin Shkreli's 1 million bet

In a resounding tweet posted on April 1, Martin Shkreli dropped a bombshell: “ I think there is a 75% chance that BTC will reach $1 million by the end of the year. » A shocking prediction that he fully accepts, refuting any April 1st joke and declining the proposed bets, thus believing he can obtain better odds on the markets.

If the former director of Turing Pharmaceuticals, convicted of fraud in 2015, refuses to reveal the reasoning behind this prognosis, his taking a position remains no less shattering. A million dollars per Bitcoin would mean a 20-fold increase in the current price.

Some have questioned the relevance of such a prediction without justification. Others pointed out that this would imply a collapse of the US dollar.

But for the man who was nicknamed “the most hated man in the United States”, the meteoric rise of Bitcoin is not necessarily linked to the decline of the greenback. Despite doubts and criticism, Martin Shkreli maintains his position, categorically excluding the hypothesis of an April Fool's joke.

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Forecasts aligned with those of crypto experts

Shkreli is not the only one eyeing highs for BTC. Indeed, Cathie Wood, CEO of ARK Invest, had already predicted that the price of Bitcoin would exceed one million before 2030, revising her estimates since the approval of spot ETFs in the United States. For her, the growing involvement of traditional financial institutions will propel the rise.

Likewise, Tim Draper and Anthony Scaramucci, two major figures in finance, anticipate a significant appreciation. Draper is banking on a forecast of $250,000 by 2025. Scaramucci is counting on $170,000 after the next halving.

Robert Kiyosaki, the bestselling author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, maintains his forecast of Bitcoin at $100,000 from June 2024. He is banking on a collapse of the dollar and traditional markets, which would propel the queen of cryptos and precious metals at record levels.

If Martin Shkreli's shattering prediction is sure to cause a sensation, it comes in a favorable context for Bitcoin. With figures as respected as Cathie Wood and Robert Kiyosaki counting on a spectacular surge in the price, the million hypothesis seems less and less far-fetched. To be followed closely in the coming months!

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