Bitcoin: A new record for the flagship crypto this weekend?

Adam Back is known in the crypto community for the insight of his projections around crypto, particularly bitcoin. He raised the possibility of the crypto breaking new ground over the upcoming long weekend. A projection which comes as the flagship crypto has fallen slightly in recent hours.

The possibility of a bitcoin record this weekend

Could bitcoin break a new price record? Many experts and analysts have raised the possibility. This, based in particular on a certain number of elements that we presented to you in a recent article.

But as you would have noticed, these projections are counting on reaching a new ATH before the halving which is in exactly 22 days. No one is considering a bitcoin ATH in the very short term. No one except Adam Back.

During a recent intervention, the expert raised the possibility that bitcoin would achieve a significant performance taking it beyond its historic price record. This, during the upcoming Easter weekend.

“Maybe bitcoin can set a new ATH this long weekend”, declared the expert in particular. As a reminder, this level was recently established around $73,400. However, Adam Back did not provide the elements on which such a forecast is based.

Adam Back eyes record high for bitcoin this weekend
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A forecast that provokes a lot of reaction

Given the reputation he enjoys in circles involving crypto, Adam Back's intervention particularly attracted attention. This, in passing, arouses speculation on the relevance or otherwise of such an expectation.

On X, user @thebtcpainter says: “A year ago, he [Adam Back] said that bitcoin would reach its ATH before the halving, and he was not wrong. I always thought that guy was Satoshi.”

In other words, this user, like several others, do not brush aside the possibility that Adam Back is once again right. An opinion that several other users do not necessarily agree with.

Regardless, weekly trends say that bitcoin is in very good shape, thanks to its 10.23% improvement achieved over this period. Will bitcoin prove Adam Back right as it has eroded by 2.12% over the last 24 hours to trade around $69,620? This cannot be ruled out when we know the extreme volatility of the crypto market.

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