Binance - Christiano Ronaldo elusive in the face of his class action lawsuit

Due to the difficulty in precisely locating Christiano Ronaldo’s home in Saudi Arabia, the plaintiffs suggest using email, Twitter or publication on a dedicated site. These unconventional processes reflect their determination to inform Ronaldo of the procedure despite the logistical challenges.

Binance users face meaning hurdles

In their petition filed on January 16, 2024, Binance users outline the obstacles encountered in serving Cristiano Ronaldo. The uncertainty surrounding his current residence in Saudi Arabia makes it very difficult to identify a valid physical address.

Faced with these logistical difficulties, Binance users are requesting authorization to use alternative channels to serve legal documents to the footballer. They propose :

  • Sending by email to addresses known to Ronaldo, to ensure that he receives notification of the action.
  • Sending via Twitter to Ronaldo’s certified accounts and to the emails of his legal advisors involved in litigation in the United States.
  • The publication of the documents on a dedicated website, which would serve as an exhaustive repository on the case.

These unconventional means would overcome the challenges posed by the location of Christiano Ronaldo. And this, while informing him with certainty about the procedure. They demonstrate the plaintiffs’ determination to exhaust all viable options to serve legal documents on the player.

The petition against Christiano Ronaldo and respect for international agreements

In their request, Binance users claim that the proposed alternative means comply with the international agreements. But also at the Hague conventions. The latter do not prohibit the use of non-traditional methods when the defendant’s address is unknown or difficult to establish.

The approach reflects the commitment of Binance users to exploit all possible avenues to legally serve Ronaldo. Meaning through unconventional means is nothing new. It can also be approved by the courts if it ensures adequate notification to the defendant.

Given the logistical challenges, plaintiffs make a compelling case for email, Twitter or a dedicated site. These modern means can effectively complement traditional methods of service, when the precise location of the defendant is problematic.

They would make it possible to overcome the constraints linked to Christiano Ronaldo’s residence in Saudi Arabia, while informing him with certainty about the procedure. The complainants are thus showing dynamism in circumventing procedural obstacles.

This pragmatic approach reflects their determination to inform Christiano Ronaldo about the procedure, despite the logistical challenges. If the courts approve these processes, Binance users will usefully add to the range of options for serving legal documents on elusive defendants. Beyond this specific case, this opens the way to more modern and flexible practices in terms of legal notification.

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