Axis Mundi presents its mysterious NFT experience with a first Open Edition

Paris, France – UVL Studios, which explores the emotional utility of NFTs, launches its first Open Edition: Energy. To announce the release of its Axis Mundi project, the studio prepared a live-minting in the form of an artistic performance for NFC Lisbon.

The community ofAxis Mundi is growing rapidly, with 22,000 Twitter followers and almost 32,000 users who have already registered their wallet and taken a personality test on the project’s official website.

The highly anticipated “Energy” mint will take place from June 6th to 8th, at a price of 0.009Ξ. This Open Edition features a mesmerizing 20-second video generative artwork accompanied by a powerful soundtrack. Conceived in collaboration with renowned generative artist Jason Ting and sound designer Pelican Sound, the artwork has central utility in the future of the project.

Axis Mundi invites art lovers, collectors and NFT enthusiasts to directly witness the artistic performance during the NFC in Lisbon on June 7th. Throughout this performance, moments of intense crescendo will captivate the senses, aiming to plunge the audience into a trance-like state and immerse them in a hypnotic ambiance.

“We believe there is a need to explore the emotional utility of NFTs, beyond just their monetary value. »

UVL, the studio behind Axis Mundi

About Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi is a psychological artistic experience at the crossroads of art, cinema and gaming, based on dynamic NFTs. Collectors can accumulate Energies, an invaluable resource that allows the evolution of Beings (mint in September). Collectors will also be invited to participate in 8 captivating Acts. Each Act will present collectors with a simple choice that will change the appearance of Beings forever. More information on Twitter.

About UVL Studios

Founded in January 2022, UVL Studios is an emerging player in the NFT space. Currently producing Axis Mundi, their main project, they have surrounded themselves with multiple collaborators, including the international 3D creation studio Tendril. To follow the latest news from the studio, go to their Twitter.

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