An executive leaves WhatsApp for the Algorand Foundation

Blockchain firm Algorand Foundation has poached a WhatsApp executive. The new recruit will have an important role to play within the company that manages the Algorand ecosystem. Here’s what the Algorand Foundation expects from the former WhatsApp and Nike executive.

A new recruit to manage Algorand’s marketing component

The company behind the Algorand blockchain, which Italy had chosen to revive its economy, has just poached Jessica Tsai Chin. He is a former WhatsApp executive who will now have to take care of the marketing side of the Algorand Foundation. Chin, who has also worked at Nike and Apple, will ensure position Algorand as an essential blockchain in the world. The Block announced the news in an article published on January 24. The Algorand Foundation did not fail to welcome Chin, in a post on Twitter on January 25.

The new recruit intends to bring real change to Algorand. To achieve her goal, she wants to bet on sporting events. She made it clear that these will have an important place in Algorand’s marketing plan. Additionally, Chin thinks of highlighting DeFi and social impact projects based on the Algorand blockchain.

Algorand’s Note

Jessica Tsai Chin said, “Both at Meta and Nike, I had the opportunity to highlight underrepresented voices and partner with meaningful organizations to increase visibility“. “Everything we’ve done has had an impact on the brand and the business, but also an impact on the ground for the communities we serve. The Web3 space is ripe for this type of real-world conversation and application.“, added the new executive of the Algorand Foundation.

Chin wanted to work in a crypto company

Chin was interviewed when she was global privacy manager for Meta’s Whatsapp application. She then indicated have a strong interest in privacy and digital identity in crypto. So she wanted to work in a crypto company.

Many Web2 companies are struggling to embrace the concept of decentralization and data ownership, but there is a huge opportunity to move in this direction.“, explained Chin.

For Jessica Tsai Chin, “data privacy should be built in by design and enabled by default“. The specialist points out that there should be more authentic, community-based and human-centered marketing within the cryptosphere.

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