AI: there is a 5% risk of human extinction, threat or miracle for humanity?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving rapidly, but at what cost? Recent studies reveal a 5% risk of human extinction. This alarming statistic raises crucial questions: are we creating our own end?

AI, a revolution with unpredictable consequences

Intelligent machines (AI) are no longer a science fiction concept, because they now shape the daily lives of humans, from medicine to the economy. However, this technological development hides unsuspected risks.

AI researchers suggest a probability of 5% of human extinction due to advanced AI technology. This estimate, although relatively low, highlights the need for ethical development of this technology. According to one recent study carried out among 2,778 artificial intelligence researchers Having published work at six major AI conferences, nearly 58% of respondents believe there is a 5% chance that AI will cause human extinction.

The study also highlights concerns within the AI ​​community about the risks associated with the development of intelligent machines. L’Cryptopolitan article addresses these risks.

AI, as it evolves, could actually move away from human goals. Thus, most AI experts emphasize the urgent need for regulation.

Between innovation and precaution

The impact of intelligent machines on the future of humanity is undeniable. According to an article from NewScientistshe offers extraordinary advances. However, this technology must be developed with caution. International collaboration, standards and regulations are therefore necessary to govern it. Thus, humanity could benefit from this technology while minimizing the risks.

On another side, Yahoo News also highlights the importance of awareness. The general public must indeed understand the challenges of AI. This understanding will subsequently promote a more responsible approach. Education and transparency are also essential in this area.

Artificial Intelligence can be a precious ally for humanity. But for this to happen, humanity must remain in control. Its potential is immense, promising a revolution in almost every sector. However, the same technology that offers unprecedented opportunities carries with it considerable risks. The 5% figure for the probability of human extinction due to AI should not be taken lightly.

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