AI: OpenAI guarantees the integrity of the 2024 elections against artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a major player in the global political arena. As the 2024 elections approach, OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, is committed to combating the misuse of AI and promoting transparency and access to accurate voting information.

Guaranteeing the transparency and integrity of elections in the face of AI

OpenAI highlights the importance of protect the collaborative integrity of elections. The company ensures that the use of its AI services does not compromise this process.

We want our AI systems to be built, deployed and used safely» declared OpenAI.

The company behind ChatGPT recognizes the challenges and benefits of new technologies.

A team dedicated to OpenAI works specifically on electoral issues. She focuses on the abuse prevention, such as deceptive deepfakes, chatbots imitating candidates, or large-scale influence operations. OpenAI has already taken steps, including refusing requests to generate images of real people on the Dall-E AI, including political candidates.

Continuous efforts for accurate information

OpenAI doesn’t stop there. The company is also working on constant updating of ChatGPT to provide accurate information from real-time reporting. It directs voters to official voting sites for additional information. This demonstrates a desire to make AI useful and reliableespecially during election periods.

OpenAI’s initiatives are vital, as AI’s influence on elections is already a hot topic. For example, Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot has been criticized for providing misleading election information. Google, for its part, has taken proactive steps regarding AI and elections, such as making mandatory disclosure of AI in political ads.

OpenAI’s approach to the 2024 elections shows an important awareness on the part of AI developers. The fight for election integrity and transparency is crucial, and OpenAI’s AI appears poised to play a positive role. With companies like OpenAI on the front lines, the future of elections could be more secure and transparentthanks to technology.

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