91% of bitcoins (BTC) have already been created

Cryptocurrencies have many detractors. But they also have defenders, even in high political circles. In the United States, for example, a legislator recently showed his full support for Bitcoin (BTC) mining.

Cryptocurrency mining would be good for both miners and the environment

According a tweet From Bitcoin Archive on August 21, US Senator Ted Cruz said that bitcoin (BTC) mining brings prosperity to the families involved by spawning entrepreneurs. It must be said that Cruz has been showing his support for the Bitcoin network for some time. He even revealed that he wants Texas to become a “oasis on the planet for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies“.

Currently, the Texas government is making every effort to promote and attract BTC miners. For example, it has deployed a compensation system for them to stop mining in the event of high demand for electricity. In addition, lawmaker Cruz recently stated that bitcoin mining is “a net benefit to the environment“. According to him, the operation is especially advantageous whether miners use renewable energy sources.

In an interview, he said: β€œCryptocurrencies are a clear advantage for the environment. Being able to unlock lots of renewable energy is important for the environment. Taking stranded natural gas and putting it to productive use is a big plus. […] Bitcoin is also a room full of entrepreneurs, full of people supporting their families, and that prosperity is also a net benefit to the environment.“.

According to US Senator Ted Cruz, bitcoin (BTC) mining is a good thing. And, Texas is an ideal place to perform this operation. This state could even promote the strengthening and resistance of the Bitcoin network.

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