2nd series of NFT Donald Trump: Sales have boomed!

Mid-December 2022, Donald Trump comes out his first NFT collection after years of hesitation. It was a total success since collectors bought the 45,000 coins like hot cakes. 4 months later, Mr Macho released his second batch of non-fungible tokens. The public had no choice but to revel in it.

Successful launch of the second Donald Trump NFT collection

The first series of NFT Trump, in which the old POTUS had dressed up as a superhero, has not left collectors of digital objects unmoved. It probably had something to do with theannouncement of his candidacy for the 2024 presidential elections.

Proud of this success, Donald Trump again released a collection of NFTs bearing his image on April 18. And it was a remake of the 2022 edition of the Trump NFTs, reports AMB Crypto. Indeed, the everything was sold out in just 6 hours.

This series Trump Digital Trading Cards, Trump-themed and made up of 47,000 NFTs, brought in $4.6 million for this former President of the United States. Note that the number 47 is at the epicenter of this new collection: because he is the 47 POTUS.

Hence the promise ofa unique gift to whoever buys 47 Donald Trump NFTs : a one-on-one dinner with him at his residence in Mar-a-Lago (Florida).

I hope everyone will notice, and I’m sure the Fake News won’t, that I’m leaving the trading card prices the same as last time, even though they’re selling for MUCH MORE (that’s ‘call him MARKET !), and sold out almost immediately, because I want my fans and followers to make money, and have fun doing it “.

Donald Trump NFT Series 2 Release – Source: sky news

The old cards in the red

Moreover, its author is also. We are all unaware that Donald Trump was recently accused of makeup of his campaign accounts. In his heroic stint in New York court, Trump pleaded not guilty to his 34 counts.

Say that this led to a 500% increase in sales of the first Donald Trump trading cards on OpenSea.

Unfortunately, thecannibal effect did not leave this first collection of NFTs intact. A 44% drop in its floor price had occurred at the exit of the 2e opus.

Also, we’ll note that the above post is among his earliest Instagram posts. Because Donald Trump has been the subject ofa ban on social networks a few months ago. There reactivation of his Twitter account was not possible if Elon Musk did not reach the head of this empire.

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